HVAC For Utilities Companies

Piedmont Service Group Has The HVAC Knowledge And Experience Necessary To Keep Your Utility Facility Running In Top Form.

Millions can be affected if a utility experiences a major facility problem. To prevent that from happening, we focus on providing utilities with energy efficient HVAC systems that offer greater reliability and lower operating and maintenance costs over the long term.

As partners with many of the leading utility companies across Virginia and the Carolinas, our HVAC technicians are experienced with the intricacies of grid sensitivity and compliance issues.

Our focus on efficient HVAC solutions and innovative sustainable maintenance programs keeps these important factors in mind.

In addition, safety is a prime consideration in our work just as it is in yours. In fact, we consider OSHA's regulatory requirements to be just a starting point for an effective HVAC safety program.

Contact us to see how we can help your utility company. 

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