HVAC For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facilities Throughout Virginia And The Carolinas Rely On Piedmont Service Group To Maintain Safe, Comfortable Environments For Staff And Patients Alike.

Being a patient, or even a visitor, at a hospital or clinic can be an uncomfortable experience for many reasons. Temperature or air quality in the building should not be one of them. Uncomfortable environments can cause undue stress on patients and providers during a time when stress is already high enough.

Our experienced HVAC technicians help create ideal environments to allow for quality medical care without environmental distractions. At the same time, we realize operating costs are a constant matter of concern for administration, so we work with healthcare facilities to create HVAC programs that:

  • Lower capital expenditures

  • Decrease operating expenses

  • Reduce administrative costs

By creating comfortable environments in financially responsible ways, we help healthcare facilities focus on the patient.

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